All About HR Outsourcing

Industry acclaimed hr process outsourcing company in India

In a present global business scenario, the success of any business largely depends upon its human capital. We are providers of HR services in Mumbai. Our HR Soluitions can cater to all your human resource requirements with complete dexterity.

Why outsource HR Services?

The global recession, tough competition, increasing overheads and drop in profit margin - all these needs complete focus and innovative strategy for your core business.
It provides latest tools and technology to offer quality performance and this is made possible by our consultants who have the required knowledge and expertise to cater to any requirement.
We as Recruitment agency and HR solution provider in Mumbai have been able to build up such trust due to many different reasons such as depth of our services and years of industry experience along with a complete customer-focused approach.
We at New Horizon can easily manage all the core aspects of HR services such as payroll management, workforce administration, and benefits supervision. We endeavor to provide tailor-made solutions to our clients as per their specific needs by thoroughly understanding the field of business they are into. Our Work Process We have the most elaborate HR process, whether it is senior management level employees or entry-level ones.



Risk Management

Stay ahead of the curb and mitigate risks effortlessly as our HR global partners handles all compliance related crisis

Improved ROI

We handle the HR complexities, and can shift your focus to other core areas like strategy and sales and skyrocket your ROI

Professional Skill-set

Our periodic strict supervision and training strategies can be a value worthy asset to your company

Employee Development

Our employee performance-enhancing strategies and compliance system help reduce your workload significantly

Enhanced Compliance

We'll identify and resolve unforeseen compliance issues on your behalf saving you from a potential compliance crisis


Tech-based HR services to reduce human error and accelerate process timings and increase efficiency


We have a carefully formulated strategy and standard to manage and supervise the entire life cycle of employees, from entrance to exit.

From payroll processing to slip generation, verification, maintaining register, publishing MIS reports & more- we'll take care of the entire payroll process

From welcoming an employee to the system to completing documentation & helping them settle in the system- we'll create a stellar first impression on your behalf

Our employee engagement parameters cover everything from rewards & recognition to performance evaluation, grievance resolution, policy updates & more.

Our adept compliance management team is equipped and experienced to tackle and restore any compliance related crisis

We'll handle complex exit formalities like dues clearance, full & final settlement & other sub-processes in between in a hassle-free manner